Black Rock Canines was founded in October 2017 by David Rivera, an Air Force veteran who serves as a K9 officer in New Canaan, Connecticut. Through David's search for his own K9 partner, he learned firsthand that healthy, genetically-tested, U.S.A-bred dogs were simply not available in the marketplace today. Dogs from other nations are often procured and deployed by the military and law enforcement at significant cost, only to find that their temperaments or preventable illnesses render these dogs unsuitable for service. Black Rock canines was founded to solve these challenges, by establishing the first large-scale breeding program of high-performing, healthy, genetically-tested working dogs, service dogs, and pets in the U.S.A. 

The Black Rock Difference

  • Our dogs are born and bred at our farm in Connecticut, with full transparency and accountability since birth into health, temperament, performance, and training.
  • Our dogs are subjected to comprehensive genetic testing in order to minimize the possibility of passing along congenital disorders.
  • Our dogs are subjected to extensive environmental conditioning and testing, ensuring that they are able to perform in and around potential environmental stressors including automobiles, trains, boats, airplanes, crowds, and gunfire. 
  • Our dogs are tested to ensure that their temperaments are appropriate for their future roles.
  • We provide a lifetime guarantee that our dogs are free from common genetic defects.
  • Black Rock Canines gives back to those that give to our country, by providing companion dogs to service-disabled veterans who can benefit from the companionship and specialized services that these canines can provide. 

Learn more about our breeds, or contact us to hear about our upcoming litters.