Capability Statement

Company Overview

Black Rock Canines was founded in October 2017 to meet the United States Military's need for healthy and high-performing Military Working Dogs (MWDs). 

Core Competencies

Black Rock Canines is able to help any government agencies with their requirements for the healthiest and highest-performing working dogs suited to detection and tracking work. 


  • Our dogs are born and bred on our farm in the United States, with full transparency and accountability since birth into health, temperament, performance, and training.

  • Our dogs are subjected to comprehensive genetic testing in order to minimize the possibility of passing along congenital disorders.

  • Our dogs are subjected to extensive environmental conditioning and testing, ensuring that they are able to perform in and around potential environmental stressors including automobiles, trains, boats, airplanes, crowds, and gunfire.

  • Our dogs are tested to ensure that their temperaments are appropriate for their future roles.

  • We provide a lifetime guarantee that all of our dogs are free from common genetic defects.


Company Data

DUNS Number: 081061770
CAGE Code: 81NB0
EIN: 82-4185968

NAIS Codes: 112990, 115210, 316998, 541990, 611519, 611699, 812910

Black Rock Canines is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business.

Contact Information

David Rivera, CEO
(833) 272-2646

Download our “Capabilities for Government and Law Enforcement” brochure or contact us for more information about sales to the U.S. government